1960’s Modernist renovation

A fantastic new project has arrived at Design King which we are very excited about. This significant 1960's Modernist house is in original condition and DKC has been commissioned to bring it into the 21st Century for a new family.

Artists Studio in Blackheath nearing completion.

Progress at Blackheath It is exciting to see the CLT studio nearing completion. Being and owner build process it is not without its challenges as local tradesmen prove difficult to pin down. However with the roof and cladding almost complete attention is turning the interior fit

Artists studio in Blackheath built in a day.

Perfect conditions yesterday in Blackheath for the construction of our pre-fabricated building. No wind or rain to disturb this exciting process. Like lego these manufactured pieces were lifted and lowered by an expert crane operator then were locked together perfectly enabling a complete construction in

Mosman House starting to shape up

This project is a large extension to a lovely federation cottage in Mosman. It has entered the final stages of construction where the detailing and design is starting to shine. The beautiful craftsmanship from James of JFSR Construction is evident in the shots below. The

Prefabricated building arrives from New Zealand

Our pre-fabricated Artist's Studio arrived just in time for Christmas! This project has been made by Xlam in Christchurch NZ using cross laminated timber technologies. Construction of the pre- fabricated panels will begin in February at Blackheath in the Blue Mountains.

Forest Lodge completed

This project in Forest Lodge was completed last week on budget and on time. This old terrace has been completely transformed and reinvigorated through a series of sometimes small, sometimes dramatic changes. Though a relatively small project it required an enormous amount of detail and

Forest Lodge Project

This project in Forest Lodge Sydney is starting to come together. This very detailed and carefully resolved contemporary heritage renovation project will be completed in November. The starting point was to retain as much as possible of the of the existing terrace by simply adding

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