What we do

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Providing creative, innovative and sustainable architectural solutions to our clients is fundamental to us. We manage the multiple services and processes involved with utmost professionalism. From initial concept and feasibility, through the various stages of government approval, documentation and construction management, all stages are approached with the same care and responsibility.

DKC has been providing architectural services for over 25 years under the leadership of architect Jon King. Recognized and highly regarded within the industry, the studio has also been a proud recipient of multiple awards. Our dedicated team use the most up to date technologies, ensuring our clients are fully engaged in the process. We are proud to have repeat clients we have worked with over numerous years. Our large professional network of designers, builders and artisans complement our team and are key to the success of any project.

Fundamentally architecture brings together the social, cultural and environmental. Architecture seeks to unify these to create useful, beautiful buildings that enhance and transform our experience of the built environment and the individual experience.

Interior Design

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Alongside our architectural services, DKC provide tailored interior design.

Direct in-house collaboration with our architectural team offers continuity of design vision and brings the benefits of efficiency. Whether fully integrated with our architectural service or stand-alone, our design starts with an overarching vision for your project’s interior spaces.

Our creative direction, design and delivery encompasses spatial planning, arrangement of furniture and how spaces are experienced and inhabited. We also work with you to select, source and/or design furniture, lighting, fittings and textiles to add layers of visual interest to each space, personalising each to deliver a project unique to you


DKC not only design architecture, they also design bespoke furniture pieces that are created especially for unique projects. Headed by Jon King, these pieces are designed to seamlessly fit within the architectural frame or project, tying together the same design principles and creating a unique flow between the built elements. These pieces range from built in dining benches to original door handles. Desks, light fixtures or dining tables are just some of the DKC furniture portfolio. They are pieces of beautifully crafted workman-ship that are timeless and made to last.