Artists Studio in Blackheath nearing completion.

Progress at Blackheath

It is exciting to see the CLT studio nearing completion. Being and owner build process it is not without its challenges as local tradesmen prove difficult to pin down. However with the roof and cladding almost complete attention is turning the interior fit out.


It has also triggered the desire for the clients to proceed with the broader masterplan for the property and the upgrade of the exiting cottage. In the months ahead DKC will put together a DA and detailed plans for the property to be staged over the coming months.


Continuity in the materials and the technology will allow us to build on the knowledge gained from this first prototype. There is no doubt the CLT was a success from a time and delivery perspective. However there is little point in building the structure quickly unless coupled with reliable and fast finishing trades. These need to carefully programmed and executed.


The small building with its CLT structure and build ups of insulation, claddings and window systems performs remarkable well thermally and acoustically. Over the summer, it was cool and well ventilated. In winter in keeps in the warmth and provides a high degree of comfort. The soft timber finishes internally absorb reverberation and echo. Although devoid of furniture and fixtures the interior is comfortable by every measure.