Coledale House Interior

The Coledale House is distinct for its warm, modern plywood interiors that pop out against the surrounding green foliage of the surrounding National Park.

Internally, the planning of the house is linear and is filled with a diverse palette of timbers, including ironbark floorboards, hoop pine plywood wall panels and rosewood door and window frames – which creates an unmistakeable feeling of warmth. The modesty and elegance of the timber joinery and the minimalism of the plywood walls build a space that allows interior decoration to attract significant attention.

Lighting features hang from the high ceilings with subtle beauty and prominence, drawing the eyes upward and accentuating the height of the main living space.

The warmth of these timber interiors and the many generous openings which ferry breezes into internal living spaces have successfully diminished the barrier between home and forest, and the design of the bedrooms and bathrooms takes advantages of the leafy prospect, inviting the green in.

The building doesn’t take its minimalism too seriously however, and playful colour is sprinkled throughout it on the painted shutters of operable windows of living spaces and bedrooms that ties into the vibrant furniture and art.

The modern plywood interiors of the home make the space refreshing, clear and light-filled, complimenting the green luscious surrounds and accentuating the interior warmth through contrast.

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