Elizabeth Bay House Interiors

The Elizabeth Bay House is a harbour front home with stunning interiors that are grand and lavish, without being imposing.

The rich colour scheme of deep maples, reds, purples and regal blues create a restrained decadence that is cohesive throughout the house, uniting its various rooms across the three levels. Paired with the beautiful textures of dark leather, lush carpets, copper finishes, dark stained timber joinery, the house is inviting and comfortable despite its large scale and prospect. Pockets of vibrant green, red and yellow tiling burst from the bathrooms, breaking the otherwise cohesive colour scheme in a refreshing and delightful manner.

The hues of the interior details beautifully compliment the colours of the brickwork that runs throughout the entire house; both its exterior and interior. The client wanted old style bricks that weren’t rendered, plastered or painted, but rather, were straight from the kiln and thus full of character. Arranged according to colour harmony, the bricks were hand scrubbed and laid precisely. Without skirting boards nor architraves, each course of bricks had to be perfectly level inside and out, throughout the three storeys. The colours and textures of the bricks and mortar came to play a pivotal role in defining this harbour front home with stunning interiors, and the final product of this wonderful, collective process between DKC, our client and Bellevarde constructions was awarded as the 2010 Winner Excellence in Brick and Block Awards Masonry Contractors Association. 

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