Randwick House Interior


2010 Winner Randwick Urban Design Awards Single Dwelling Alterations and Additions


This family home with vibrant interiors is filled with colour and warmth that matches the energy and joy of its inhabitants.

The interior design of main living space and kitchen in the Randwick House are created to be striking but welcoming. A bright colour palette of orange and red corian, pop against the white corian and timber. Rejecting interior home trends of austerity and restraint in colour and material, this space is designed for activity; laughter, cooking, playing, chatting. Here, we are using interior design to set a tone in a communal space for a lively family.

Plywood wall panels and timber details run consistently throughout the house, giving it a strong sense of warmth and comfort that is palpable when walking through the space. The various shades of green tiles in each of the three bathrooms contribute to the colourful interiors, but importantly, feel refreshing and light, as if a small oasis within the warmer hues of the living spaces.

The guiding concept of this family home with vibrant interiors was to make the space feel like a home before it was even lived in. It maps onto the dynamism of its inhabitants, and creates the ultimate interior space for a growing family.

See the whole project here.