Wamberal Beach House

2022 Winner Master Builders Alterations & Additions $2 million category


This award winning beach house was designed in association with Peter Ireland Architect 20 years ago. Three owners later our new clients got in touch hoping to breathe new life into the building and create a design that reflected contemporary design, both inside and out.

The original principals of the building were still very relevant. The eastern facing living area takes full advantage of the stunning ocean views whilst protected courtyards provide a much needed relief from the strong ocean winds. These courtyards also allow for the deep penetration of sunlight into the main living area and the bedrooms.

This building was originally designed with the intent to float above the dunal environment, suspended on an elegant cantilevered and suspended structure. Although largely invisible this enables the building to be securely in place in this dynamic and unstable dunal environment. In recent storm events this structure proved immensely successful for this home whilst others were not so fortunate.

The new alterations have focused on creating a building that reflects its natural surrounding and has subsequently been clad in Australian hardwood, which is greying beautifully and is now sits discreetly on the sandy dunal environment. All windows and doors have been replaced to create much larger openings which blend the inside and the outside environment. The thermal and acoustic insulation have also been significantly improved as has t he interior design component of the house.

Bedrooms and bathrooms are in the rear wing with garages and services spaces underneath. An upper study creates a unique viewing point to observe the length of Wamberal Beach

The award winning beach house is unified by a dramatic curved timber ceiling that gives a sense of enclosure and protection, and reflects something of the dunal forms on which it is built.


Builder: Horizonbuilt

Engineer: Partridge Engineers

Lighting: Special Lights

Photography: Brett BoardmanĀ