Australian Furniture Design Awards Shortlisted Entry

Datum 72 is an experimental table design that was a finalist for the Australian Furniture Design Award (AFDA), one of Australian design’s most prestigious accolades presented by the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) and Stylecraft. The project was designed and fabricated by Design King Company in collaboration with Dr Christian Tietz (UNSW).

Inspired by Still Life and Cubist paintings, the idea of the table surface was challenged. Objects for the table were designed to modulate above and below the surface in an array of translucent colours. The objects appear suspended in space through a clear glass surface. As tableware sinks below the surface, a new social connection is sparked above between the diners.

The result is a playful, theatrical response that draws attention to the rituals taking place in domestic life. Our table is a celebration of objects, people, and the simple act of sharing a meal.


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