Maroubra House 1

This project has a unique brief for a Maroubra House, that was to combine a variety of ‘missing’ functions of the existing house, within a new, small structure in the garden.

Mary needed a functioning laundry, and Karl wanted to store as much water on site as possible (the inevitable change in our climate made this a necessity). The existing house was in a very dilapidated state and a touch of reorganisation might also be in order. The existing asbestos shed was also going to need replacement with its workshop and storage contained in a state of ordered chaos.

We used these simple starting points to develop a strategy that would breathe new life into the existing Maroubra house and give it a richer mix of connections and uses.The new water tank, the laundry, a new bathroom, the workshop and shed were combined under a single roof that brought these functions into a compact whole. This pavilion in turn created the opportunity to contain and connect different spaces and functions while giving the existing house an expanded outlook and feel. We successfully created a “village of spaces” so that a person can engage in their chosen activity while they are visually connected to the spaces that are more “public” or where family and friends gathered.

For more information, read this article which speaks of the delightfully unique brief and complex design solutions.


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