Randwick 2

This Randwick renovation for a growing family has a long gestation having commenced in the office in June 2010. Built over two stages this house has now been successfully complete.

The original home was a modest federation cottage that could not accomodate the growing family. The new design turned the house towards its dramatic western view that reaches towards the Blue Mountains. The large deep verandah-like extension fills the living spaces with light and air giving a new life to this family home.

To mitigate the effects of the western facing living space an automated external timber blind is used across the length of the verandah. This effectively controls the western sunlight in the afternoons and reduces the impact of the summer heat. The house also features an internal courtyard which further allows for views, cross ventilation and penetration of sunlight deep into the house.

Large glass openings beautifully frame the surrounding greenery around the house, creating in an oasis like space of shade and vegetation.

Sophisticated and restrained in its design, this house stands the test of time, sitting above decorative trends. Designed for longevity not only in style, the Randwick renovation for a growing family is designed to accommodate their changing needs over a period of time.

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