Randwick House 3


2013 Finalist Single Dwelling House Randwick Urban Design Awards


This Randwick home transformation involved a complex process that ambitiously aimed to change the atmosphere of a house in order to improve the way of life within it.

The original house was light and space deficient, and as a result, didn’t  accomodate for a lively, thriving family. As a result, the space became increasingly depressing to live within.

This remarkable renovation is adapted to the family’s current and future needs, and is wonderful to live in from all reports. Challenged by the proximity of a large block of units, an awkwardly offset backyard, a site encumbered with two sewer mains and a manhole, this was indeed a challenging project given its scale and budget.

The end result however, doesn’t reveal this complexity, and instead looks remarkably simple and logical. Testament to the rigorous design planning is how naturally it integrates with the remaining building, and how easily the family embody the space.

The kitchen is pushed to the back of the new space and from this position, all the functions of the house are visible. It becomes in effect the principle space, off which unfold the living, dining and out-door room. The plan and spaces are articulated to give each room identity but not at the expense of the visual connection and spatial simplicity of the whole.

It is remarkable how a renovation can completely transform a property into a liveable and uplifting home. Understanding our clients and their family was paramount to this Randwick home transformation. It helped us design to not only accomodate their current family needs, but also to create an adaptability that would accomodate for their future ambitions and changing requirements.

This project was applauded for its innovative, intelligent and cost efficient response to site, that presents a dramatic yet affordable design renovation.


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