Sasaki Restaurant

Design King have recently relocated their office from Alberta St, Sydney to Paddington in order to re-zone and redevelop our old premises into a laneway restaurant.

The first step in this long term project was to approach Sydney City Council and apply for the laneway to be included in the City’s  “Laneways Project”. The original laneway was a bleak forgotten part of Sydney characterised by abandoned cars and street junk. With Design King Company driving this urban design project the laneway is now a spectacular example of a thriving, reinvigorated urban space in the heart of Sydney.

The final step in this redevelopment project was completed in March 2017 with the opening of Sasaki, a modern Japanese laneway restaurant that opens onto the street face.

SASAKI aimed to introduce customers to a Japanese way of living. The restaurant serves as an homage to owner/head chef, Yu Sasaki’s hometown of Shimane and is a reflection of his memories growing up in the Japanese countryside. Japanese craftspeople believe that their work is to give voice to the natural materials available. When we discover the inherent beauty in nature through craft, we begin to understand mingei – the art of the people, the craft that gives depth to our lives.

This once dilapidated laneway is now populated by diners arriving at this celebrated dining destination.

Restaurant design by Natsume Yawata of Sasaki Creative Pty Ltd , Shimane, Japan.