Griffin Theatre

The design and construction of the ‘Griffin Really Intimate Theatre’ was undertaken in a busy two weeks in April May 2015. It’s first use took place in Circular Quay on Saturday 9th May with the hope it will travel more widely throughout the year.

The concept is a the brainchild of RE: Sydney and the Artistic Director of the Griffin, Lee Lewis who intends to give people a very close encounter with Australian Theatre. The ‘Intimate Theatre’ aimed to provide the actor and audience with a ‘one on one’ experience. In a very small small space, the actor engages personally with the solitary audience and creates an extraordinary artistic experience. Combined with the experience of being in Circular Quay, one of Australia’s most iconic and busiest of public spaces, only heightened this.

This little building was designed to travel, to be set up for a day at a time and unpacked at the end of the day. The set builder and sculptor Damien King was responsible for much of the physical reality of turning this concept into something tangible.

  • Commendation NSW Architecture Awards 2016, Small Projects Category

Commercial, Small Works