Forest Lodge House

Michelle and Greg, their son Felix and a belligerent cat had lived in this terrace in Sydney for many years. Greg a journalist and Michelle a public lawyer were initially only interested renewing the kitchen area and were at first very reluctant renovators. However the house was giving them very clear signals it needed much  attention. While it was a small project the old house had a special character and we were very interested  in seeing what we could do working within this heritage context.

As briefs tend to do, the project grew into a full scale terrace renovation. However the starting point of a small scale, intimate renovation, very sensitive to the heritage context was never lost. While much was rebuilt to modern standards with proper insulation and high performance windows and services, the nature of the project was the sum of small parts. This project was a careful and artful integration of old and new, not the juxtaposition of a new extension on the heritage terrace. 

While the footprint and external form of the building remain as original, evidence of the new works push out through the original brickwork as dark timber elements, hinting at the extent of works and transformation undertaken.

The kitchen and dining area were extended by only 700mm in width and length providing a fully operational kitchen and a bay window dining area that captures the light and elevation of the site and provides a wonderful focus for family gatherings. A new attic bedroom was also created bringing with it district views and with the access stair brings much needed light and air into the heart of this terrace, allowing it to breathe, be naturally lit and work sustainably. 

All bathrooms and services were renovated in a style compatible with the original and the light and bright interior is offset with accents of timber, coloured features and fittings adding a new layer that ensures the ongoing significance and relevance of this historic terrace. 


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