The Trident Apartment, Manly

Our client purchased a small apartment in an iconic 1970s triangular “Trident” building on North Steyne, Manly. Buildings from that era often experimented with unconventional geometries like triangles, circles or hexagons. While less efficient to furnish, they allowed capturing beautiful views and creating unique vistas between spaces.

To remodel the apartment, we maximized opportunities for connectivity by opening up the perimeter areas and concentrating services/joinery in the core. Some fixed structural walls and risers provided opportunities for dividing spaces and framing views.

The interior took a classic modern approach, allowing the building’s fixed elements, joinery and furnishings to harmoniously create a sense of timeless, barefoot luxury – like a “beach house in the sky” hovering over the Pacific Ocean. Although a compact space, the design has created a sense of ease and flow between spaces. DKC created a horizontal datum line throughout the apartment creating visual continuity and harmony within the space.

With a very compact plan it was vital to make a very careful selection of furniture that worked with our new planning arrangement. With our client, we chose pieces that would seamlessly work with one another whilst having unique properties of their own. The stand out Bell Table from the Woodroom is a great example of finding the right piece for a particular room. Elegant choices of feature lighting also contributes to the sense of calm ambience and warmth throughout the apartment.  The final interior is a remarkable success, providing the client with a sense of quiet luxury and calm.

The design adhered to the Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020 requirements. Working with older non-compliant buildings necessitated certifying all design detailing, materials and systems by qualified practitioners. Window systems by Vitrocsa, waterproofing and fire protection were all scrutinized throughout approvals and construction.

Built with precision by Horizon Built, the quality of the project exemplifies the power of collaboration across all parties involved. Working on the 11th floor of a busy area like North Steyne presented challenges that were carefully planned and executed to achieve occupancy


DKC Architecture Team: Jon King, Liliana Schlager

DKC Interiors Team: Katie King, Victoria Saliakouras, Sarah Adams

Builders: Horizon

Engineers: Partridge

Photography: Luke Butterly


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