Perisher Huette

The committee of the Perisher Huette Ski Club, a club with over 250 members, commissioned Design King Company to prepare a ski lodge renovation for the upgrade of their existing heritage listed 1960s ski lodge.

Stage one of the project commenced in 1998 required a new bedroom wing and lounge room and an upgrade of all public areas, facilities and services. The challenge in this project was to lift the standards of accomodation to 21st Century expectations whilst maintaining its strong link to its important place in Perisher’s history.

Understanding a site’s history, context and culture is essential when undertaking heritage projects. Established in 1963, the Perisher Huette Alpine Ski Lodge has almost 60 years under its belt with strong ties to families across three generations. Throughout all stages of development, we have always intended to maintain and improve existing values and structures, responding to its strong community and heritage.

The final form of the ski lodge required careful integration of a new 400m2 wing with the existing building, which was renovated and much of the existing building was retained and restored. The harsh environment of Perisher Valley at 1750 meters above sea level makes many demands an a building, and these were carefully allowed for in the design of the facades, roof form and detailing of openings. The project also required very careful collaboration and negotiation with National Parks and Wildlife.

Stage Two of the project completed in 2016 renovated the members kitchen, games room and added ski related equipment and storage. The exterior and interiors also required significant maintenance and also upgraded integrating some of the historic details saved from the previous renovations,  helping to reinforce and prolong  the identity of the ski lodge and its membership into the future.

Recent works for the ski lodge renovation were completed on the facade and window. With 50 new windows, structural and facade upgrade and interior finished will make this ski season, warmer, drier and more energy efficient. The renovation will also make the structure more resistant to fire during the summer months.