Coogee House 1

For all its apparent simplicity, this compact addition and alteration and is one of our most successful projects to date. We took this humble semi-detached dwelling and delivered on time and on budget a modest home renovation that has enabled this family of four to live comfortably over a long term in the area they have grown to love.

The design effectively reinvented this house and how it is lived and worked in. Utilising lessons learned from houses of larger scale and budgets, we prioritised and simplified as required to achieve a compact yet workable house. By demolishing the rear lean-to extension, re-organising the kitchen, bathroom and laundry on the ground floor we were able to bring light and a sense of openness into what was a cramped and dark interior. Two bedrooms and a bathroom were added with the addition of an upper level.

Contributing to the light-filled atmosphere of the new home, the interiors are defined by the warm timber tones, and striking contrast of white and black walls that create definition and impact.

Joinery and furniture design also became a central feature of the project. For a family home to be lived in, the small details are what count. The joinery of the kitchen space and staircase, and the furnishings of dining table bench and shelving created a cohesion to the interior design.

Ultimately, this modest home renovation stands the test of time and has brought a huge amount of joy to a lovely family.

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