Palm Beach Interiors


2005 Shortlisted NSW Architecture Awards Residential


In close collaboration with Stephen Collins Interior Design, the colourful luxury home interiors of the Palm Beach House communicates a restrained but playful opulence that is inviting in its textures, colours and finishes.

Importantly, the interior of the house was created to foster strong connections to the natural palette of the exterior finishes. The copper cladding, sandstone walls and timber doors of the external details of the house are taken inside, as the raw finishes of sandblasted concrete, sandstone and pre-aged copper create a continued aesthetic.

Our client was determined to reject the ‘white box’ stereotype of luxury homes and instead ensure that the interior of the house was designed to be resilient and robust to activity. Eating, cooking, playing, sandy feet and wet surfboards – and all the realities of beach houses – were to be embraced.

Distinct to interior decoration of the house are the eye-catching colours and glamorous materials that texture the rooms. Thick and opulent coloured curtains line the east facing rooms, and Missoni prints of purple, pinks and reds pop in each of the living spaces.

On the lower level, which provides a family theatre, services and guest accomodation, the plywood panels connect to the surrounding bushland that have been carefully regenerated and landscaped. These curved, perforated plywood screens create an acoustically insulated space and store a variety of services used in this play space.

With a strong emphasis on both the natural and the vibrant, the colourful luxury home interiors of the Palm Beach Residence set the tone for a well-used and loved, stunning beach holiday home.