Clontarf House

The house at Clontarf began as a makeover and interior fit-out for an already approved DA scheme by another architect. However, as the project evolved it was clear that this beautiful beachfront location required more than this and became a significant renovation that transformed the property.

As a result we substantially amended the DA and design of the original scheme and did so during a fast tracked construction process. Design and documentation proceeded simultaneously and successfully with a good working relationship between builder, architect and client.

The house is a simple concrete and masonry form with deep openings that framed the stunning view. These opening lead to deep terraces to  decks. The house spills out onto the lawn and directly onto the beach.

Once again, we resolved the interior finishes and details with great attention. Italian stone wall cladding and floors are carefully interwoven with solid timbers and veneers to create beautiful but relaxed home with a subtle Mediterranean feel, appropriate for this protected harbour location.


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