Vaucluse House 2


Winner 2012 MBA Excellence in Housing Awards

Contract Houses $3-5M

Conceptually this Vaucluse house is pavilion-like with its long axis running east west. This gave ample opportunity for light and winter sun to penetrate the interiors and importantly maximize the iconic views to Sydney Harbour to the west and to the famous Macquarie lighthouse to the east. With an emphasis on the horizontal the house emerges from the sandstone site as it falls away to the west.

The main living level of the house is largely a combination of masonry and glass giving the building a physical mass while carefully framing and connecting the interior to both the intimate and longer views and aspects over Vaucluse.

The elegant roof-line floats above the whole ensemble and ultimately connects the house visually to the two primary east and west horizons while also giving the house protection from the elements. Thus the house gets its visual order by becoming lighter and more refined in detail as it gets higher.

It is a highly detailed house with great emphasis placed on how the different materials are put together . We take a long- term view of how the building will weather and settle into its site and context and the house would not have been possible without a close and cooperative relationship with the builder Horizon Habitats who did an excellent job in translating our architectural aims into built form.