Randwick 1

This award winning original semi-detached cottage in Coogee is home to a family of five. It is a testament to careful planning and detailing for the realities of family life. The project has evolved over number of years and through several stages of construction and is now split over four levels and integrated carefully with landscape areas which provide a separate pavilion and a pool. A lot has been fitted into this 270m2 block, but it works well and has a wonderful sense of space, with light and breeze permeating this coastal location. Given its location in a dense suburban area, in close proximity to services and transport we see it as a legitimate model for sustainable family living in Australia being compact, energy efficient and able to absorb a dynamic and evolving family life. The house won the Randwick City Council Urban Design Award for 2010 Single Residential Dwelling Alteration and Additions Category.

2010 Winner Randwick Urban Design Awards- Single Dwelling


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