Bellevue Hill House 3

This Bellevue Hill project presented a unique challenge challenge for the DKC team, as we began a redevelopment of a 1960’s Modernist home, which simultaneously preserved its essence and integrity.

This 1960’s modernist home was designed and built by Douglas Snelling between 1964-66 and was still in original condition when our client purchased it. Snelling was an inspirational Australian architect and furniture designer, who was a significant interpreter of the American west coast style of Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs and Japanese tradition within the Sydney architectural realm.

Originally the ‘Assef House’, the original owners of the house appreciated Snelling’s Californian sentiments, and the 2 storey, three-bedroom residence on the sloping site was quintessential to his modernist style, with its Californian redwood, brick and decorative timber of Japanese inspiration.

Our unique challenge was to keep the integrity of this important piece of modernist design whilst also bringing the house into the 21st Century for our clients. A complete overhaul of the existing interiors was required, reworking them to accommodate a large family. However, with great respect for the original architect, we successfully managed to maintain the existing bones and original concept of this classic home whilst accommodating our client’s brief.

A great understanding and appreciation of Snelling’s architecture, shared by both our team at DKC and the new home owners was incredibly important in carrying out this task.

This large renovation included an additional level to take advantage of the stunning views of the harbour and city from Bellevue Hill. It also included an extensive landscape and pool addition. Its redevelopment will integrate the building back into the opulent lifestyle of Bellevue Hill that it once represented, breathing new life and relevance into the iconic design.

Currently in the DA stage, we look forward to the construction and completion of this home.