Mosman House 2

Remodelling this federation house in Mosman for the contemporary needs of a young family required us to completely transform the way the house related to its garden setting.  By creating generous living and family spaces that directly connect to external terraces and verandah spaces, the house is enlarged to encapsulate the outside and in turn, the new pool and garage at the rear of the property.

Two key challenges were the proximity of large apartment buildings on the southern and eastern boundaries and the heritage value of the streetscape. In response the front of the existing house is retained with no indication from the street that the house has been altered. A stepping down in the new floor level allowed us to create large and generous volumes in the new living and family spaces under a roof that admits natural lights and air without extending above the existing ridge.  The eaves of this new roofline are kept deliberately low to lower the focus of the eye to the garden and protect the privacy of the internal spaces from the adjacent apartment buildings.

Finished with a timeless yet contemporary palette of materials and a landscape by Volker Klemm, this home in Mosman will be reinvented for the 21st Century.

Construction is now underway.




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